Manchester United and Liverpool F.C. have a storied rivalry that dates back many years. The intense competition between these two football clubs has resulted in some unforgettable matches that have left a lasting impact on the sport. From dramatic victories to crushing defeats, the Man United vs Liverpool F.C. timeline is filled with moments that have captured the imagination of football fans around the world.

Memorable games

Man Utd 1-0 Liverpool – May 1996

In May 1996, Manchester United secured a crucial 1-0 victory over Liverpool F.C. at Old Trafford. This result proved to be pivotal in the Premier League title race , as United ultimately went on to clinch the championship. The winning goal, scored by Eric Cantona , remains etched in the memories of United fans as a defining moment in the club’s history.

Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool – March 2009

In March 2009, Liverpool F.C. produced a dominant performance to defeat Manchester United 4-1 at Old Trafford . This emphatic victory showcased Liverpool’s attacking prowess and marked a memorable moment for the club’s supporters. The match will be remembered for Liverpool’s clinical finishing and their ability to overcome their fierce rivals on their own turf.

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Man Utd 3-2 Liverpool – September 2010

The September 2010 clash between Manchester United and Liverpool F.C. saw the home side emerge victorious with a thrilling 3-2 win. This closely contested match featured end-to-end action and a late winning goal from Dimitar Berbatov that sent the Old Trafford faithful into raptures. The pulsating nature of the game left an indelible mark on both sets of supporters.

Man Utd 0-5 Liverpool – October 2021

October 2021 witnessed a stunning 5-0 victory for Liverpool F.C. against Manchester United at Old Trafford . The resounding nature of this result sent shockwaves through the footballing world and showcased Liverpool’s incredible attacking display. The match will be remembered for the relentless pressure applied by Liverpool and the clinical finishing that left United reeling.

Liverpool 7-0 Man Utd – March 2023

In March 2023, Liverpool F.C. delivered a scintillating performance, demolishing Manchester United 7-0 at Anfield. The magnitude of this result was unprecedented, as Liverpool showcased their devastating attacking prowess with a comprehensive victory. The match will be ingrained in the memories of football fans as a testament to Liverpool’s dominance on the day.

Man Utd 4-3 Liverpool – March 2023

A month after their crushing defeat, Manchester United secured a thrilling 4-3 victory over Liverpool F.C. in a remarkable display of resilience and determination. The back-and-forth nature of the game, coupled with a late winner from United, made this match a truly unforgettable spectacle. The result served as a symbol of United’s fighting spirit and ability to overcome adversity.

Man Utd vs Liverpool – Complete head-to-head record

The intense rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool F.C. is reflected in their comprehensive head-to-head record. Over the years, these two footballing titans have clashed numerous times, with each match adding another chapter to their enduring competition. The aggregate results from their encounters offer insight into the ebb and flow of their battles on the pitch.

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The following table summarizes the complete head-to-head record between Manchester United and Liverpool F.C., showcasing the outcomes of their meetings across various competitions:

Matches Played Manchester United Wins Liverpool F.C. Wins Draws
200+ 80+ 65+ 50+

The table reveals the closely contested nature of the rivalry, with both teams enjoying periods of success and demonstrating their competitive spirit on the grand stage of football.

Man Utd vs Liverpool – Premier League head-to-head record

Within the Premier League , Manchester United and Liverpool F.C. have engaged in numerous compelling battles that have captivated fans and pundits alike. The head-to-head record within the Premier League offers a comprehensive look at the competitive nature of their encounters, shedding light on the dynamics of their clashes in the English top-flight.

Manchester United vs Liverpool F.C. in the Premier League:

  • Total matches played: 55+
  • Manchester United wins: 25+
  • Liverpool F.C. wins: 15+
  • Draws: 15+

The Premier League head-to-head record underscores the intensity of the rivalry within the context of domestic competition, with both clubs striving for supremacy in the English top-flight.

Top scorers in Man Utd vs Liverpool fixtures

Throughout the illustrious history of the Man United vs Liverpool F.C. rivalry , a host of prolific goal scorers have left an indelible mark on their respective clubs. The top scorers in fixtures between Manchester United and Liverpool F.C. have played a crucial role in shaping the narrative of their encounters, contributing memorable goals that have resonated with fans for generations.

Key top scorers in Man United vs Liverpool fixtures:

  • Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) – Notable for his influential goals in high-stakes matches against Liverpool F.C.
  • Steven Gerrard (Liverpool F.C.) – Renowned for his impactful contributions as a goal scorer and captain in clashes with Manchester United.
  • Robbie Fowler (Liverpool F.C.) – Known for his clinical finishing and ability to find the net against Manchester United.
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The prowess of these top scorers has defined pivotal moments in the rivalry, leaving an enduring impression on the historical tapestry of Man United vs Liverpool F.C. fixtures .


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The Man United vs Liverpool F.C. timeline encapsulates the essence of a revered football rivalry, defined by memorable matches, spirited competition, and the enduring quest for supremacy. From iconic victories to captivating displays of skill, the head-to-head battles between these two footballing giants have left an indelible mark on the annals of Premier League history . As fans eagerly await the next chapter in this storied rivalry, the rich tapestry of moments between Manchester United and Liverpool F.C. serves as a testament to the enduring allure of the beautiful game.


How many times did United beat Liverpool?

The specific data cannot be provided as matches between United (assumed to be Manchester United) and Liverpool are ongoing events. As of the end of the 2020/2021 season, Manchester United has beat Liverpool 80 times in all competitions.

What was the full time score between Man Utd and Liverpool?

As an AI, I’m unable to provide real-time information or updates. Please refer to the latest sports news sources to get this information.

Who has beaten Liverpool the most?

As of the latest data, Manchester United has beaten Liverpool the most in English football history.

Where can I watch Man United vs Liverpool FC?

You can watch Manchester United vs Liverpool FC on sports broadcasting networks like ESPN, NBC Sports, or Sky Sports. It can also be streamed online through platforms such as DAZN or the official club websites, if they offer live streaming. Always check local listings as providers can vary by location.