Man Utd vs Man City: Head to Head Record

Manchester United and Manchester City are two of the most successful football clubs in England, with a fierce rivalry that dates back over a century. Their head-to-head record is a tale of dramatic encounters, stunning comebacks, and historic victories.

Memorable Matches

The rivalry between Man United and Man City has produced some truly memorable matches over the years. These contests have often been characterized by high intensity, skill, and determination. Fans eagerly anticipate every meeting between the two sides, knowing that they are in for a thrilling display of footballing prowess.

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Man Utd 4-3 Man City – September 2009

One of the most remarkable encounters between Manchester United and Manchester City took place in September 2009. This pulsating game saw United emerge victorious with a 4-3 win over their city rivals, with Michael Owen sealing the victory with a dramatic injury-time goal.

Man Utd 1-6 Man City – October 2011

In October 2011, Manchester City delivered a resounding 6-1 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford. This result sent shockwaves through the footballing world and remains one of the most stunning victories in the history of the rivalry.

Man Utd 2-1 Man City – February 2011

A fiercely contested match in February 2011 saw Manchester United emerge triumphant with a 2-1 win over Manchester City . This victory was celebrated by United fans and served to intensify the rivalry between the two clubs.

Man City 2-3 Man Utd – April 2018

In April 2018, Manchester United staged a remarkable comeback against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, overturning a 2-0 deficit to secure a thrilling 3-2 victory. This match will be remembered as one of United’s greatest comebacks against their city rivals.

Man City 6-3 Man Utd – October 2022

The most recent clash between the two sides in October 2022 saw Manchester City emerging victorious with a convincing 6-3 win over Manchester United . This match showcased City’s attacking prowess and highlighted the competitive nature of the rivalry.

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Manchester City vs Manchester United – Complete H2H Record

For a comprehensive overview of the complete head-to-head record between Manchester City and Manchester United , it is essential to delve into the rich history of their encounters. The statistics reveal the ebb and flow of dominance between the two clubs over the years, serving as a testament to the unpredictable nature of football.

Manchester City vs Manchester United – Premier League H2H Record

When it comes to the Premier League head-to-head record between Manchester City and Manchester United , the matches have often been fiercely contested and crucial in shaping the title race. Both clubs have produced moments of brilliance and heartbreak in these encounters, leaving an indelible mark on the league’s history.

Manchester City vs Manchester United – FA Cup H2H Record

In the FA Cup , the clashes between Manchester City and Manchester United have often provided captivating drama and intense competition. These matches have seen both clubs battle for progression in one of England’s most prestigious cup competitions, leading to unforgettable moments and fairy-tale upsets.

Top Scorers in Manchester City vs Manchester United Premier League Fixtures

When analyzing the top scorers in Manchester City vs Manchester United fixtures in the Premier League , the names of legendary goal-scorers spring to mind. From unforgettable derby goals to match-winning strikes, these players have left an indelible mark on the history of the rivalry.

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Stay updated with the latest Premier League news, rumors, and gossip to keep abreast of the developments shaping the footballing landscape. From transfer speculations to managerial changes, staying informed adds to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the clashes between Man Utd and Man City .

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In conclusion, the Manchester United vs Manchester City rivalry has transcended generations, captivating fans with its rich history and fierce competition. The head-to-head encounters have produced dramatic moments and iconic victories, etching the names of legendary players into footballing folklore. As the rivalry continues to evolve, fans can look forward to the next thrilling chapter in the storied history of the Manchester Derby.


What time is Man City vs Man United USA?

The time for the Man City vs Man United match can vary depending on their schedule for the season. It’s best to check the latest fixtures on their official websites or relevant sports news platforms. Remember to account for any time difference between the UK and the USA.

How many times did Man City beat Man United?

As of November 2021, Manchester City has beaten Manchester United 55 times in all competitions.

Which club is older, City or United?

Manchester United is older than Manchester City.

Has Man City been knocked out?

As an AI, I don’t have real-time data. As of my last update in October 2021, Man City was not knocked out. Please check the latest sports news for current information.