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Here’s the latest rundown of news, updates, and warnings from the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). We’re here to ensure that you stay informed and updated on matters that can affect you as a driver or vehicle owner.

DVLA issues warning to every driver who passed test before 2014

Do you remember passing your driving test? If it was before 2014 , the DVLA has a warning for you. In an attempt to reduce the number of counterfeit driving licenses, they are replacing all old licenses. So, if your driving test was passed before 1st January 2014, they want you to exchange your old license for the new photocard license.

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This mandate is not to inconvenience drivers. Rather, the DVLA strongly believes that this early warning will thwart criminals from using outdated licenses to commit fraud . Action is required from drivers to ensure continuity in their driving rights. They need to check their licenses for expiration dates and apply for the new version before it’s too late.

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However, this is one of many DVLA topics to stay aware of. The agency often releases their updated rules and regulations, all aimed at making our roads safer and decreasing the chances of automobile fraud. Such further posts might discuss how the DVLA is dealing with COVID-19, or perhaps the latest laws on driving post-Brexit.

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Each bulletin published by the DVLA is intended to inform drivers about these hot topics and much more – it’s all about helping you stay informed, treating your vehicle responsibly, and driving safely.

So, don’t be surprised when we spring in more of such educational pieces on you. We urge you to keep an eye on your inbox, look out for our posts, and continue learning about the UK’s driving landscape.

Always remember, knowledge is power especially in these changing times. It is better to stay informed than to be caught off guard by the consequences of ignorance.

Topic Summary
DVLA warning to Pre-2014 Drivers The DVLA is replacing all old licenses to curb fraud. Drivers who passed their test before 2014 should apply for the new photocard license.
More Articles from DVLA The agency frequently updates drivers on new laws post-Brexit, COVID-19 impacts on driving tests, and much more.
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To sum it all up, being up-to-date with the latest DVLA news is a key factor in ensuring seamless and law-abiding rides across the UK. So, heed the DVLA’s warnings, abide by their regulations, and most importantly, drive safe!