Hannah Waddingham is a name that resonates brightly in the world of acting, both on stage and screen. Our journey through this article will provide insight into her life, focusing predominantly on her relationships. We will explore her dating history, marital status, and other personal spheres. Let’s delve in.

Profile Summary

Hannah Waddingham is renowned in the international film and theater world. She’s been able to leave an indelible mark thanks to her exceptional performance skills combined with her artistic versatility.

When we look at her professional path, Hannah Waddingham’s achievements are both inspiring and commendable. Yet, in this article, we focus more on the personal stories of her life, her relationships in particular.

Who is Hannah Waddingham?

Hannah Waddingham comes from an artistic family that greatly influenced her career choices. She has sweepingly claimed success in both film and theatre spaces, the latter of which earned her eponymous recognition for her role in the Broadway musical Spamalot.

Her on-screen fame arose primarily from her splendid roles in the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Ted Lasso’. Hannah’s achievement roster doesn’t stop at acting. She’s an accomplished singer, too, thereby making her a multifaceted artist.

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Is Hannah Waddingham married?

Although Hannah Waddingham has a successful and public professional life, she likes to keep her personal life private. This has often led fans and media to wonder about her marital status.

The speculation about her being married has been around for years, but the actress has never publicly stepped forward to confirm these rumors. Hence, the answer to this question remains a mystery.

Who is Hannah Waddingham dating?

Being such an admired personality, Hannah Waddingham ‘s love life has been of keen interest to her vast number of fans. However, she has always maintained a rather low-key approach when it comes to sharing details about her dating life.

The actress’s romantic endeavors stay largely within shadows. Nevertheless, the media speculated that she was in a relationship with Italian film producer Gianluca Cugnetto, although no confirmation or denial has been issued from either side.

What condition does Hannah Waddingham’s daughter have?

Perhaps the most personal element in Hannah Waddingham’s life is her daughter, whom she cherishes dearly. In 2014, Hannah became a mother to her beautiful baby girl. However, soon it was revealed that her daughter had a rare and life-threatening heart condition.

The difficult phase took a toll on the actress, but her resilience and love for her child remained unyielding. Her experience, painful as it was, made her an advocate for awareness about rare congenital heart conditions.

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Who is Gianluca Cugnetto?

An intriguing part of Hannah Waddingham’s life revolves around her rumored boyfriend, Gianluca Cugnetto . He is an Italian film producer and entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the cinematography realm.

According to the buzz, the pair was purportedly in a relationship, although no official declaration was made. Despite the rumors, the intimacy of their relationship remains concealed from the public eye, thus leaving it in the realm of speculation.



In 2012, Hannah Waddingham was gaining popularity for her role in the series ‘Game of Thrones’ . However, her personal life was largely kept under wraps during this time.

Despite the media attention, she guarded her private affairs judiciously, and no significant happenings came to light regarding her relationships in this year.


2015 was a rather quiet year for Hannah Waddingham in the domain of relationships. There were no rumor mills churning about her love life.

Nonetheless, the actress was busily engaged with her work projects, with her personal life taking a scrolling lane in the backdrop.


In 2018, speculations around Hannah Waddingham dating the Italian film producer Gianluca Cugnetto were rife. These rumors remained unconfirmed.

Neither party offered any comments. Thus, 2018 threw a lot of unanswered curiosity into the wind, leaving fans eagerly waiting for a confirmation or denial.


With the fame of ‘Ted Lasso’ shooting skyward, 2021 saw Hannah Waddingham return to the spotlight. However, she continued maintaining her characteristic silence on her personal life.

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Whether she was single, dating, or married was something that she preferred to keep away from the public. And, respecting her wishes, this information remained unverified and unknown.


2022 commenced with a thunderous start for actress Hannah Waddingham . In her professional sphere, her commendable success continued. The personal side of her life continued to be veiled, though.

Whether she’s involved romantically with someone or not remained unclear. With her solid policy of privacy protection, her relationship status, as anticipated, stayed unknown to outsiders.


While we have yet to step into 2023, the outlook for Hannah Waddingham’s career continues to shine brightly. As for her personal life, her fans continue to hope that she might share more open information.

However, given her consistent preference for privacy, it’s highly possible that her relationship status might remain undisclosed, just as it has in the past years.

Being a renowned figure in the public realm does not necessarily mean that every aspect of an individual’s life is privy to public knowledge. Hannah Waddingham is a prime example of this principle. She has successfully managed to keep her personal life away from the prying eyes of the media.

Her relationship status, whether she’s single, involved, or married is something she has shielded impressively from public scrutiny, thereby maintaining a healthy boundary between her professional and personal life.

Year Relationship Status
2012 Unknown
2015 Unknown
2018 Rumored to be dating Gianluca Cugnetto
2021 Remained silent about personal life
2022 Unknown
2023 Anticipated to be Unknown