In a clash of titanic proportions, the vitality stadium saw Bournemouth clash with Chelsea in a match where dominance and strategy were put to the test. This epic encounter displayed a showcase of talent, tactics and the spirit of two remarkable teams in the high-intensity realm of Premier League football.

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Here, we’ll be bringing you minute-by-minute updates of the Bournemouth vs Chelsea match. Get the most comprehensive details, from kick-off to the final whistle, stoppage time and everything in between. Stay tuned!

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From the electrifying goals, the tactical substitutions, to the controversial refereeing decisions – we are your eyes and ears on the ground. Get all the insights here, in real-time, on the Bournemouth vs Chelsea LIVE blog.


This Bournemouth vs Chelsea encounter was one for the record books. With both teams eager to secure a win, exciting football was on the menu. From the intensity of play, the skills on display, to the end to end action, it was indeed a thrilling event.

Who reigned supreme? Which team was left to lick its wounds? Who were the standout players? Find these highlights and more in our comprehensive match summary.

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A look back at the history of Bournemouth vs Chelsea encounters shows a tale of intense rivalry and remarkable matches. From their first meet to the most recent, there have been a series of unforgettable encounters that have captivated fans worldwide.

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Let’s delve into the past, revisit some of their best matches and recall those players who have made a significant impact in the history of Bournemouth vs Chelsea clashes.

Final Notes

As the dust settles at extreme action from the Vitality Stadium, chills from the game continue to reverberate. The Bournemouth vs Chelsea clash was emotional, intense and above all, unforgettable. This match will surely be talked about for days to come.

Both squads showcased their strengths, and despite the final score, they both proved why they’re amongst the elite in the Premier League. Their commitment, determination, and skill continue to inspire fans globally. We look forward to future encounters and until then, keep the football spirit alive!

Match Highlights Bournemouth Chelsea
Goals Scored 2 3
Shots 8 11
Possession 45% 55%
Yellow Cards 1 0
Red Cards 0 0