One of the most renowned figures in the world of antique dealing, Anita Manning , has had quite a journey from childhood ambitions to gaining popularity on television. This article unravels aspects of Anita’s personal and professional life, including her recent health ordeal.

How old is Anita Manning and what is she known for?

Anita Manning is currently 73 years old. She is highly recognised in the realms of television and antique dealing. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, the world of antiques fascinated her since she was a young girl. Her intuitive eye for value and authenticity turned her fondness into a thriving career.

Anita is renowned for her prominent appearances on the popular BBC television show, Bargain Hunt . Her indispensable knowledge, vibrant personality and unique eye for valuable pieces have earned her a much-loved place amongst audience members.

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The throwdown between two teams to find the most profitable antique pieces, Bargain Hunt, features Anita Manning as one of its rotating experts. Her expertise lends an additional layer of excitement to the show as she guides participants through auctions and valuations.

Should you wish to understand more about Anita’s stint on Bargain Hunt, episodes are available on iPlayer. Watching her assess items, negotiate deals, and interact with contestants offers a comprehensive glance at her prowess in antique dealing.

Is Anita Manning married and does she have children?

Despite the limelight of her professional life, Anita Manning is known to maintain a private personal life. Anita is married and cherishes a well-grounded family life. The couple has two children, a loving son and a daughter.

Inspired by their mother’s enthusiasm for antiques, both children have shown interest in their mother’s profession. Her daughter Lala Manning has followed in her footsteps and now works as an antique dealer.

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Latest on TV

After Bargain Hunt, Anita Manning has been featured on popular television shows such as Antiques Road Trip, Flog It!, and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. She continues to entertain audiences with her vast knowledge, quick wit, and warm personality.

Her spectacular journey of over 40 years has not only made her a popular television personality but also one of the most respected antique dealers in the UK. Stay tuned for her latest appearances on both local and international television.

What illness did Anita Manning have?

Anita Manning had a recent bout with an undisclosed illness. While details about the specifics of her health condition have been closely guarded, it was a challenging period for the star nonetheless.

The good news is that Anita is on the path of recovery and continues to dazzle her fans with her antique knowledge on television. Her illness has certainly triggered a wave of concern amongst her admirers, but she continues to stride ahead with strength and positivity.


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Stay tuned to The Sun for more insights and stories related to Anita’s career, antique finds, and her brave battle with illness. Their coverage provides an immersive viewing experience that keeps you in the loop with Anita’s journey.

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With regular updates and exclusive content, The Sun provides a digest of the rollercoaster ride Anita Manning has experienced over the years. It offers a wealth of information for those curious to know more about the much-loved antique expert.

In Retrospect

In the end, it’s clear that Anita Manning is not just an antique dealer or a television personality – she’s a resilient fighter. Despite the sudden illness, Anita never let it dampen her spirit. Her perseverance is an inspiration to many and it’s heartening to see her bounce back in full vigour.