Two of the oldest and most established football clubs in England, Everton and Arsenal, have a competitive history that spans over a century. Over that time, they have played many intense and memorable matches, always drawing attention from football fans worldwide. This article provides a detailed timeline, highlighting their head-to-head records , significant victories and defeats, and performances from their recent encounters.

Summary of Overall H2H Record

Between Everton and Arsenal , there have been numerous encounters over years in the Premier League. They first met in 1905, a match that resulted in a victory for Arsenal. Their encounters have always garnered attention due to the competitive nature of the matches.

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A detailed account of their meetings reveals a dominance by Arsenal in terms of victories. Nevertheless, records show that Everton has always put up a tenacious fight, resulting in a number of memorable matches.

Arsenal vs Everton – Last 50 Matches

Analysing the last 50 clashes between Everton and Arsenal, Arsenal has been the more successful team . They have picked up more victories and scored more goals on average.

Despite the higher number of losses, Everton has also demonstrated considerable toughness in these matches. Several games ended in stalemates, showing Everton’s resiliency against the high-flying Gunners.

Arsenal’s Biggest Victory against Everton

Out of all the contests, Arsenal’s biggest victory against Everton occurred in 2005. The Gunners trounced the Toffees with a whopping 7-0 scoreline at their home ground, The Emirates. The game will always be remembered for Arsenal’s dominating performance .

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That particular match saw some of the finest football Arsenal has ever played, with the team displaying excellent tactical cohesion and individual brilliance.

Everton’s Biggest Victory against Arsenal

Everton fans will never forget their biggest triumph against Arsenal. Everton bested the Gunners with a 6-1 scoreline at Goodison Park in 1985. The incredible victory showcased that Everton can rise to the challenge against the more fancied Arsenal side.

In that game, Everton’s striking prowess was in full display as they constantly breached Arsenal’s defenses, producing a remarkable victory .

Concluding Notes

Analysing these two teams shows a keenly contested rivalry, with Arsenal gaining the upper hand more often, but Everton consistently proving itself a worthy adversary. This ongoing saga between Arsenal and Everton promises more engaging and entertaining contests in the times to come.

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Total matches played Arsenal wins Everton wins Draws
200 100 60 40

Through matches filled with excitement and drama , the Everton vs Arsenal rivalry has had a significant impact on football’s history. As they continue to face each other in the future, this rivalry promises to bring more thrilling moments.